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By Philip P Daniel

When it comes to computer games, or any type of video game in general for that matter, there is no bigger freak then me, Philip P! Although I prefer MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) such as Everquest, Star Wars Republic and World of WarCraft, I still find time in my busy schedule to play damn near any game that drops on our lowly human butts. As head of the Alliance of Computer Gamers and Star Trek Lovers (ACGSTL) I have to find time to play games, and with that being said, I present you with a short (but ever so sweet) guide to computer video games! Booyakasha!

Tip the first: There are many different genres, choose wisely…

As you may or may not know, there are many different types and genres of video games available. Everything from sports, to action adventure to (of course) RPGs are available to any aspiring video game aficionado. Generally, most people tend to enjoy, sports and action games as they are the easiest to pick up and play out of the box. These games tend to deliver almost immediate satisfaction and although they have a learning curve, usually have features that can adjust the difficulty, allowing even the most novice of users to enjoy their many facets. RPGs (or role playing games to the layperson) tend to deliver a more in-depth gaming experience, but require a large amount of time to learn and master. These games generally tend to appeal to more experienced gamers and especially hard core Star Trek/Dungeons and Dragons fans like yours truly.

If you are looking for a truly hardcore gaming experience that could easily dominate your entire life, then you may wish to tread the addicting, sometimes almost dangerously so, world of the aforementioned MMORPGs. These games, which allow users to live in an online world/community are almost endless in scope and may takes months if not years to truly master. In these games, you generally choose a race, clan and battle style and attempt to not only interact with the various monsters that inhabit the realms, but also form bonds and friendships with other online players. These games can be so addictive, that some people tend to completely forgo the boredoms of everyday life and relationships, and have even gone so far as marry characters online. Just be warned that not all “girls/women” online are actually who they claim to be. A close friend of mine (cough, cough) married a level twenty elvish vixen online only to discover that she was not only a man, but his father who was playing Everquest in another state! Try discussing that over family dinner…froinlaven!

Tip the second: Thou must have a mighty system to playeth most games!

Most modern computer games tend to need a hefty amount of high end components to function properly. Some of the mega behemoths like Half Life 2, Doom 3 and The Oregon Trail (ok that last one might not need much, but can’t you imagine how fast that sucker would run on an overclocked 3.2 GHZ Pentium 4? You could get to Oregon in no time, and I doubt hardly anyone would die of syphilis!) need systems with not only high clock speeds, but also graphics cards with large amounts of memory. The system requirement are usually written on the sides of the boxes, but keep in mind that these are usually the bare minimums and the game will most likely run like poo-poo if that is all that you have. My advice is that unless you have a killer AlienWare system, you might not want to attempt to run some of the more tasking games, as your experience will most lieley end in complete and utter terror! That does not mean that you will be unable to enjoy the beautiful and awe inspiring world of PC games…it just means that your selection might be a bit limited.

Tip the third: For gaming online, thou must have a fast connection!

If you plan on delving into the devilish world of either MMORPGs or even online shooters such as Counter Strike, then buddy, you better have fast internet connection or you won’t be making any friends online soon! In games such as this, there is something referred to as “lag” which means that your character will appear to jump all over the screen as opposed to moving freely. People who frequent these online arenas tend to look down on people with this problem, making them an easy target for “flaming” (in non geek terms tormenting, not at all related to my friend and fellow reviewer Jason “the Sounthern Dandy” Dahlin). If you wish to enjoy these games, then dial up is not your friend and even DSL might prove to be a bit sluggish. A cable connection or above is highly recommended, and with it comes the ability to be the flamer as opposed to the flamed!

Tip the last: Thou can count on Newbie for the best reviews and prices on all types of computer games!

Nuff said! Philip P out bizzitches!

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