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Bose Acoustimass 6 III System

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Newbie Review by Bam Bam the Stereo Man Newbie Product Reviewer:

Bose are famed for their unique design and focus on sound quality over performance figures. The Acoustimass 6 series III system comprises of a subwoofer unit, that should be hidden away in your room, and five extremely small cube shaped satellite speakers. This product should not be confused with other Bose systems that come complete with their own receiver, as this requires a separate power source, making it customisable to a certain extent. The Bose quality shows up when the system is running and is ideal for all types of sound, from CD to movies. The small size of the satellite speakers enables them to be almost hidden from view, perfect for those not wanting to advertise their home cinema. If you want big sound without the big speakers, then the Acoustimass® Series 6-speaker system is for you.


No need for large speaker systems, high quality of sound


lacking in mid range, no upgrade for further surround speakers

Bose Acoustimass 6 III SystemNewbie Rating
2 Thumbs Up

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